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Water and sauna centre

There are plenty of ways for you to relax at the modern water and sauna centre of the spa hotel Laine. You can go for a swim; lounge around in the jacuzzi; relax in the aroma, infrared or traditional sauna; or enjoy the spectacular view of the sea at the resting area.

You can enjoy all the delights of the water and sauna centre every day between 1 pm and 10 pm. However, a morning swim and traditional sauna session is available every day during 6-9 am.

 22.06.2017 the water and sauna centre will be closed 1 pm to 10 pm beacuse of technical care. 

The spa hotel Laine water and sauna centre features:

An aroma and steam sauna where you can enjoy temperatures between 43-46 degrees and a humidity level of over 100%. The aroma and steam sauna helps to relax and relieve tension, stimulating below-skin tissue blood supply, skin pores, and the shedding of waste products. The volatile oils in the steam also aid the recuperation of the respiratory system, joints and muscles.

A traditional sauna has temperatures of up to 90 degrees. The sauna’s high temperature invigorates blood circulation and the shedding of waste products. It also alleviates muscle tension and joint aches. One should cool oneself off with cold water between the sessions – this will temper your body and beef up the immune system.

An infrared sauna has a significantly lower temperature and no steam. In this sauna, infrared radiation will penetrate skin as invisible light waves coming through the air, heating below-skin tissue. The infrared sauna helps to cleanse the body and shed waste products, alleviating also chronic tiredness and muscle pain. The sauna will invigorate the nervous system, increase immunity, add pep, and relieve stress. Also, you will burn a whopping 600 cal with a mere 30-minute session in the infrared sauna.

The infrared sauna is not allowed in case of a pacemaker, artificial joints, surgical implants, chronic heart and kidney insufficiency, blood coagulation problems or infections.

You should book an infrared sauna session in advance at the beauty centre or health centre administrator.

The spa hotel Laine water and sauna centre pool is 20 meters long and 5 meters wide. The deep end of the pool reaches 1.4 meters and the lower end 1 meter. The pool temperature is 28 degrees.

Water and sauna centre visits are free when staying at the spa hotel Laine. 

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