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Body treatments

We offer delights and relaxation for your body only through natural treatment resources and beauty products from the high-quality producers Gerard’s, Thala Spa, and Rosa Graf.

Please book a procedure in advance via the phone number +372 472 4414 or e-mail address

Please arrive 10 minutes before your treatment.  Should you be late for treatment, your service period is not prolonged as a courtesy to our other guests. In this case you will not be refunded fully or partly for the undelivered service.  Please be aware that the treatment will be cancelled if you do not arrive within 10 minutes of the start of your appointment.

Please pay for spa treatments 2 days prior to arrival or upon the arrival at the hotel. Cancellation is free 48 hours before the start of the treatment. If cancelled later, the money will not be refunded.
If you need to change or cancel your appointment, we ask you kindly to contact Spa reception.

Body treatments

Modelling wrap

90 min
54 €

Modelling wrap relieves stress, improves the circulation, cleanses the body from toxins, gradually reduces fat tissue, tones and sculpts the body as well as nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin. A light massage, with an exfoliating marine product is followed by a 20 to 30-minute body wrap with sea algae, then a light shower and the treatment ends with a massage with a special serum.

Chocolate treatment is suitable for anyone who wishes to receive an enjoyable, stress-relieving and relaxing treatment that helps to create a good mood. In preparation for the chocolate treatment, the entire body is rubbed down with a ph­ neutral exfoliating product, followed by a gentle massage with a mixture of melted dark chocolate and sweet almond oil. The massage is followed by a 15 to 20 minute body wrap and a face and neck massage. The treatment ends with a shower.

This pleasant and effective body treatment activates the skin cell metabolism, improves blood circulation, prevents the capillary walls from sagging, also prevents skin aging and the accumulation of fat and excessive fluids. During this treatment minerals, salts and seaweed extracts from the North Sea are used, which have a cosmetic and lypolytic effect as well as help to reduce swelling.

Clay treatment relieves muscle and joint pains, invigorates both body and mind. The treatment starts with a peeling. Then the whole body is covered with a de-toxing and calming marine clay body wrap. Finally the skin is moisturized with relaxin body-butter or emulsion.

The treatment begins with a cleansing exfoliation during which a light relaxing massage is done. This is followed by a detoxing, deep moisturizing algae body wrap, which contain A, E, C and B vitamins, magnesium and iodine. The treatment is completed with an application of a toning and moisturizing body lotion.

Moisturizing wrap

60 min
42 €

A moisturizing wrap treatment nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin as well as improves the skin's elasticity and complexion. The treatment uses a special oil-based product which is combined with a moisturizing substance and the fine micro granules in the product give a desired peeling effect. A light, slow peeling massage is followed by a 15-20 minute wrap and a shower. Afterwards the skin is sprayed with moisturizer and massaged gently. 

Aromatic mud treatment is a lighter treatment for those to whom the regular mud treatment is contraindicated but still wish to try the toning effect of Haapsalu mud. The treatment helps excess liquid  and residual substance discharge, stimulates metabolism, relaxes and helps to heal chronic infections.

The treatment begins with a 15–20 min natural mud wrap enriched with aromatic oils followed by a shower and a light massage with an aromatic oil that nurtures the skin.

Oriental treatment

60 min
45 €

This treatment is invigorating to both body and mind, giving a wonderful experience of aroma and a beautifully smooth skin. Spices, such as cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, saffron and coriander, are used in the treatment. This treatment helps to cleanse, moisturize and nourish the skin. After exfoliating you take a shower which is followed by a body wrap.  The body wrap contains extra silky ingredients that moisturize the skin and restore its elasticity, duration of the wrap is 15-20 minutes. A calm and light massage will end the treatment.


60 min
42 €

Reiki is a form of mild therapy whereby the therapist lays his/her hands on the client in various positions in addition to meditation and channelled mental effort. On a physical level, Reiki has an effect of relieving muscular tension and pain, promoting the healing of bone fractions, wounds and ulcers. On a mental and spiritual level the patient experiences joy, safety, peace and relief from emotional stress.


The treatment begins with a gentle massaging peeling followed by a pleasantly fragranced refreshing Mediterranean body wrap. The wrap includes Aloe Vera and peppermint, which rejuvenate the skin, leaving in silky-smooth. The treatment ends with a light massage. The treatment is especially suitable for calming the skin after sunbathing.


The body wrap loaded with actual vitamin C has an unparalleled regenerative and energizing effect. Collagen production is improved as well as skin tone, strength and elasticity. The treatment begins with a wax body peel rich in vitamin C, lemon and papaya concentrate and continues with a gentle vitamin C cream-wrap. The treatment ends with a light massage.

The relaxing treatment reduces tension in the dorsal region, improves the skin’s texture leaving it smooth and silky. The treatment has a cleansing effect and relieves pains and muscle tensions. A product, which contains sea mud, brown clay and spirulina sea algae and has a thermal effect, is strongly detoxing and stimulating relieving pain and muscle tensions, mitigating stress and invigorating senses. The treatment begins with exfoliation of the back and the problematic areas are treated with an application with the heated mud. The desired effect is reached in 15-20 minutes, a shower and a light acupressure massage follows.

Peeling treatment where natural cocoa, orange and sea salt powder in harmony guarantee you a natural and efficient peeling effect. Orange and cocoa contain an abundance of vitamin A and C which fight skin aging and tone the skin. The peeler also contains vitamin E. During the treatment, the entire body is peeled using a soft massage. The treatment leaves the skin silky and nourished, complemented by a pleasent aromatic experience and a good emotion.  

The peeling treatment with crystals is appreciated for both its callisthenic qualities as well as for increasing general wellbeing. The treatment uses a special oil-based sea scrub, which is used to scrub the whole body. A gentle massage is used for the peeling. During the short wrap, the skin gains moisture, minerals and vitamins. The treatment ends with a shower. Following the treatment, the skin is smooth, elastic and nourished. The sea salt helps relieve muscle tension and increases your wellbeing.

The peeling treatment with orange oil has a callisthenic, skin-tightening and complexion-improving effect. The skin is pleasantly nourished and moisturized with vitamin C-containing orange oil. During the treatment, the whole body is peeled usingsoftmassagemoves.Duringtheshortwrap,skin-moisturizingandnourishing minerals and vitamins are absorbed. The treatment ends with a shower. After the treatment, the skin feels silky, moisturized and nourished. And all that is accompanied by a pleasant fragrance experience.

At the beginning of the treatment the back is cleansed, peeled, steamed and the back is mechanically deep cleansed. After the deep cleaning a mask is applied onto the back and at the end of the treatment the back is creamed.

  • Calves - 25 minutes / 18 €
  • Legs - 55 minutes / 26 €
  • Bikini area (edges) - 30 minutes / 15 €
  • Underarmas - 15 minutes / 9 €
  • Arms - 25 minutes / 13 €
  • Chin and upper lip area - 15 minutes / 7 €
  • Upper-lip depilation- 10 minutes / 5 €