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Medical treatments

The spa hotel Laine health and wellness spa offers you a wide range of spa serveces. The selection includes both treatments that alleviate joint and muscle pains and treatments that improve general well-being. However, to help us pick precisely the treatments for you, we firmly recommend visiting our doctor’s office in the health centre.

As treatments are subject to availability, we strongly recommend scheduling your appointments before your arrival.
For reservations please contact:
+372 472 4415 or

*We invite you to arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment to allow adequate time to change. As a courtesy to other guests, should you arrive late we regret that we will only be able to offer you the remainder of your appointment time, if it is possible. The full cost of the treatment or service will still be charged.

*We ask that you make any cancellation or change to treatments at least 48 hours before your appointment to avoid being charged in full.

*Please pay for spa treatments 2 days prior to arrival or upon the arrival at the hotel. 

*If you need to change or cancel your appointment, we ask you kindly to contact Spa reception.


Mud treatment cures chronic joint diseases and psoriasis, relieves pain, improves metabolism and regeneration of cells, drains excess fluids and toxins from the body. The treatment can be applied to the entire body or only to the desired area of the body. While receiving  the overall body mud treatment, the client will lie on a deck filled with warm mud (from +38°C to +42°C) which reaches up to the client’s chest. The client is then wrapped in a pellicle and a blanket to prevent the mud from cooling off and to maintain the effectiveness of mud treatment. The treatment is followed by a light shower.Therapeutic mud treatment leaves a nice relaxed and pleasantly placid feeling. After the treatment we suggest to rest. Mud treatment is contraindicated if You are suffering from febrile diseases, tumors, congestive heart failures stages II-III, a few kidney diseases, mental illnesses, pregnancy or tuberculosis. If possible, we reccomend to consult with a doctor before the mud treatment procedure.

Haapsalu therapeutic mud treatment: 15 minutes, 33 €                                                                 
Mud treatment for hands or feet: 15 minutes, 16 €

Paraffin treatment has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, the treatment decreases muscle tension and increases joint mobility. Paraffin and ozokerite plates are warmed to 39-42 degrees C and are placed on the treated area of the body.

Under apparatus physiotherapy we offer ultrasound therapy, magnetic therapy, magnetic laser therapy, amplipulss and inhalations. The basis for the physiological effect are mechanical and heat-related factors which are used to manipulate the lesions in the body. 


10 min
6 €

During inhalation the client, using a special inhaler, breathes in an aerosol medicine prescribed by the doctor (cough relieving, relaxing the respiratory tract, or hydrating-calming).

Laser therapy

10-20 min
10 €

Laser therapy has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and blood circulation-improving effect, which is well suited for treating local inflammations, trophic ulcers and post-traumatic conditions. 

Music therapy

25 min
6 €

Music therapy ensures complete relaxation through music which is composed especially to relieve headaches, stress or insomnia. The therapy balances the clients’ inner harmony through their subconciousness.  

Salt therapy

30 min
8 €

Salt therapy or halotherapy is efficient in curing respiratory diseases, asthma, chronic skin diseases, stress and fatigue. Salt therapy takes place in a room with maximum capacity of five people. During a therapy session the client sits in a salt chamber, where he/she breathes in a very thin salt aerosol which is sprayed into the chamber, while enjoying some relaxing music and a mild light from a salt lamp.

Stretching therapy

10-15 min
6 €

Stretching therapy is beneficial for a stiff back, portruding or bulging discs between spinal vertebrae, lumbar and pin bone radiculitis, knee and hip joint problems. The stretching is carried out on the Mastercare brand therapy bench, where the client is attached to the bench by strapping of the ankles. At first the client is lying in a horizontal position, and then the client is lowers to an upside down position in a 15-30 degree angle, so that the stretching force is the body weight itself. On the stretch bench it is possible to carry out more active stretching under the instructor’s guidance. Stretching therapy is not recommended for people whose blood pressure is too high or too low and for those who suffer from dizziness. Also, this therapy is not suitable for people with prosthetic joints, spinal deformations and osteoporosis.

Light therapy

15-30 min
6 €

Light therapy is a recognised therapeutic method used for treating the fatigue of the winter  season,  loss of energy, mood swings, sleepiness and depression. The occurring of the symptoms is connected to the fact that during winter season there might occur an over production of the hormone melantonin produced in the pineal gland of the brain. SAMALUX -phototherapy lamp proceeds through the retina decreasing production of melatonin in the brain and thereby reducing sleepiness and affective disorders.


20 min
6 € / 9 €

Physiotherapy speeds up recovery from illness, restores ability to work, improves blood circulation and muscle tone and relieves tension and stress. Physiotherapy session is carried out by a physiotherapy instructor and is either performed individually or in small groups. Physiotherapy is a set of physical exercises which are chosen depending on the general condition of the person.

In group: 6 €
Individually: 9 €