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Spa etiquette

Dear guest!

We have compiled a spa etiquette guide to observe for the well-being of both you and other spa hotel Laine customers. Thank you.


  • You can be sure of desires services and program, if you book these in advance via e-mail or by confirming them immediately after arrival with the health and wellness spa administrator. 
  • When booking a service, make sure it suits your health. Inform the person performing the procedure of any peculiarities concerning your health.
  • Payment for the service occurs at the health and wellness spa administrator before the session and the payment slip must be given to the person performing the procedure.
  • When you set off to enjoy the session, please choose light and comfortable clothes; jewellery can be left at the hotel reception safe. Bathrobes can also be rented at the reception. 
  • The underlying linen sheet for the service will be provided at your first procedure; please take it along to other spa services.
  • We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes earlier to your session so you could get ready without rushing. 
  • If the service has been booked and paid for, failure to arrive will automatically disqualify from a refund! 
  • If you show up late, your session will unfortunately be that much shorter.
  • Feel free to ask the staff if you cannot find the room for the session.
  • It is strictly forbidden to show up intoxicated to a session!
  • It is required that you wash yourself before using the sauna, jacuzzi and swimming pool without your swimwear on. Swimwear has to be worn in saunas and in the water centre. Always rinse yourself after using the sauna.
  • Never leave your locker key or valuables unguarded. Spa Hotel Laine (AS Haapsalu Kuurort) takes no responsibility of unguarded items.
  • Beware at the water and sauna centre and move carefully - the wet floor may be slippery. Jumping into the swimming pool is prohibited.
  • Don't use honey, salt and other substances in the saunas. Please take your sauna gear along in a non-fragile package.
  • Please throw only hot water on the sauna stones.
  • In case of necessity use the toilet room located in the sauna dressing room.
  • Please dry yourself off in the shower room in order to avoid excess water on the dressing room floor.
  • The water and sauna spa is unattended and the guests are staying there on their own responsibility. It is strictly prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages taken along and visiting the water and sauna spa under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Children under 14 years (incl.) are allowed to visit the water and sauna spa only if supervised by an adult, who is responsible for their behavior and safety.
  • After visiting the water and sauna spa please leave your locker key in the lock.
  • In case of any concerns, please feel free to turn to the administrator.
Spa Hotel Laine (AS Haapsalu Kuurort) holds no responsibility for the injuries and health problems of the visitors and shall not compensate for the respective damages. By using the water and sauna spa and spa services, you confirm that your health condition and skills are sufficient for the use of our swimming pool, jacuzzi and saunas; you are familiar with the spa etiquette and follow the rules.