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You will find the best practices from both European and Oriental massage arts from the selection of spa hotel Laine massages. These include relaxing sessions, recuperative massages and rehabilitative procedures. Please peruse our selection in order to select a suitable or necessary massage.

Please book a massage session in advance via the health centre phone number +372 472 4415 or e-mail address

Please arrive 10 minutes before your treatment.  Should you be late for treatment, your service period is not prolonged as a courtesy to our other guests. In this case you will not be refunded fully or partly for the undelivered service.  Please be aware that the treatment will be cancelled if you do not arrive within 10 minutes of the start of your appointment.

Please pay for spa treatments 2 days prior to arrival or upon the arrival at the hotel. Cancellation is free 48 hours before the start of the treatment. If cancelled later, the money will not be refunded.
If you need to change or cancel your appointment, we ask you kindly to contact Spa reception.


Aroma massage

75 min
47 €

Aroma massage is a light body massage with various aroma oils, relieving muscle tensions, reducing cellulite, stress, sleep disorders, blood pressure fluctuations, menopausal problems or just a bad mood.

This massage combines different classical and oriental massage techniques, which reach to a deep drainage and relaxing effect, and at the same time maintaining the body’s energy level. The massage improves the body tissue metabolism, lymphatic and other fluids’ circulation, reduces muscle tension and increases tone. Energy channels are opened (yin and yang). After the massage the client will feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Lava stone massage

75 min
47 €

During the lava stone massage, the whole body is gently massaged with warm stones. In the beginning of the massage session the warm stones are placed for a few minutes on specific points on the body. The heat released from the stones improves the blood circulation of the cells, relieves mental and muscular tensions, relaxes and is generally good for the skin.

Please be advised that we do not offer lava stone massage from 15 May to 15 September.


Classical massage

25/60 min
22/42 €

Classical massage is the best known technique for relieving stress and tension. The treatment improves metabolism, restores energy and creates peace of mind. The massage is suitable for various pathological conditions and chronic pain syndromes of the bone- and musculature.

Lymph massage

60 min
42 €

The purpose of the lymph massage is to stimulate lymphatic circulation and thereby remove toxins from the body. This treatment relaxes and relieves muscle tension, is good for swellings, blood circulation problems and metabolism-related diseases. As a result of the massage the blood pressure is lowered and the heart rate is normalized. In case of chronic illnesses, please consult a doctor before receiving this treatment.

The therapy is designed to cure and prevent back pain by manually manipulating muscles and their ligaments. Vertical, horizontal and diagonal massage techniques are used to stretch back muscles and mobilize the joints. Additional care is dedicated to problematic areas. To determine the extent of the  stretching, the masseuse uses tactile sensitivity – techniques are performed until the sensation of pain occurs, and thereby the best result of therapy is achieved.


Deep tissue massage restores the structural and holistic balance in the body by removing the chronic tension in the muscles located in the deep tissues of the body. Thereby the posture and movement problems are relieved, which are often the true cause of the pain and injuries. Massage is performed with controlled movements and in a tranquil pace. This massage is best suited to remove stress and pain in the back, neck, shoulder, knee and hip muscles.

Cellulite massage

60 min
42 €

Cellulite massage is an invigorating and rejuvenating treatment which  is particularly beneficiaI for so-called problematic areas of the body. This therapy, which is performed through special techniques and cups, improves the circulation in the skin and the underlying tissues, and thereby improving the metabolism of cells, making the skin feel supple and smooth.

Life Energy Massage

60 min.
42 €

Life energy massage is a type of Chinese massage which helps to keep our body well balanced, decreases diseases, tensios and stress in our bodies. In addition to the massage techniques energy channels are opened which contributes to recovering the organism and the increase of immunity.

Massage with Haapsalu's therapeutic mud is a body treatment with exfoliating and healing effect. The treatment promotes the excretion of excess fluid and residual substances from the body, activates the metabolism, has a slimming and relaxing effect and cures chronic inflammations. During the treatment, Haapsalu's therapeutic mud is used for a mud wrap and the treatment is terminated with a gentle full body massage. 

In combination with the seashells, the melting massage gel with cinnamon extracts delivers a pleasant relaxing massage experience. The warmth released from the heated seashells combined with the massage improves blood-flow, relieves mental and physical stress and has a relaxing effect. The cinnamon revitalizes the skin and refreshes the mind.

Massage for Men

50 min.
38 €

This massage mitigates everyday tension, stimulates blood supply, relaxes tense muscles and mitigates psychological tensions. During the massage the whole body will be massaged using a cream specially meant for men.

Indian champi head massage is an ancient stress relieving therapeutic method whereby energetic massage is used to manipulate energy channels on the head, neck, face and shoulders. The massage is carried out while sitting, the hair is covered with a  plastic hat and towel. Special natural herbal mixes and oils are used during treatment. The massage improves the blood circulation in the head as well as reduces hair loss and greying, relieves headaches and tiredness of the eyes. This treatment is recommended to those who suffer from insomnia. Before and after the massage it is recommended to drink lots of water or tea for the best detox results. At least 5 hours prior to the massage it is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages and to go outdoors without a hat. The massage is contraindicated in case of such medical conditions as high blood pressure, epilepsy, tumors, atherosclerosis and inflammations. 


Foot sole acupressure or zone therapy is a 5,000-year-old oriental massage method that helps to cure various diseases,   nerve pain, indigestion, common colds, headache, migraine, insomnia and fatigue. In the course of the massage pressure is applied to bioactive points on the sole of the foot, which are located from a few millimeters to a centimeter under the skin. The massage is generally done using a massage stick or a thumb.

Foot massage from Thailand helps you to relax and balances your entire body. Massaging the foot and the ankle area helps you to relax and improves well-being. Triggering specific points helps balance the entire body through reflexology.

The massage is generally done using hands, a massage stick and massage oil. It is especally suitable for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Hand massage from Thailand helps to ease hand problems and tensions (both hand and forearm) and stimulates the balance of the entire body through reflexology. Anyone whose job includes working with hands and enforced body positions: people working on computers, instrumentalists etc. will certainly benefit from the hand massage.

Hand massage also affects your emotional balance and helps ease stress and depression. Massage is good for the people who do not want to or cannot receive trigger point massage for feet.

Cup massage

30 min
30 €

Cup massage is performed with cups of different sizes made of natural rubber. The massage improves the mobility of the joints and the tone of the muscles. The massage is started and finished with classic hand massage.

Honey massage

30 min
30 €

Honey massage helps to detox the body through the blood and lymph circulatory system. It stimulates the functions of the deeper subcutaneous tissue of the skin (hypodermis) and circulatory system as well as cleanses the skin pores. Honey is used to bind the toxins and to speed up the natural detoxifying process. In addition to improving the circulation, honey massage delivers a toning and trimming effect for the mature skin.

Massage of the head is carried out while lying on one's back. Lymph massage manipulation techniques are used in the facial area to achieve a beneficial effect, resulting in improved blood and lymph circulation. Chinese acupuncture techniques are used on the cranium area which are beneficial for the facial skin as well as muscles and nerves. Massaging  of  the head has a good effect on mental stress, headaches and insomnia. The treatment is also beneficial as rehabilitation of minor injuries of the soft tissues, cranium fractures and paralysis of the mimic muscles. This treatment is not recommended for those with hight blood pressure.

The shoulder and neck massage is an effective and quick relief to a stressed scruff, tense shoulders and neck. The massage activates blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolism, reduces head and muscle aches. The massage is relaxing for both mental and physical tensions.

Waterbed massage

20 min
9 €

The massage takes place on a waterbed with an elastic cover, and has a calming, relaxing and stress-relieving effect. Due to the water mattress the body is fully supported and the client has no direct contact with any water. The massaging starts from the upper body and moves downward  towards the feet. The movements of the rotating water jets of the Hydro Jet waterbed mimic the classical massage techniques. Constant vibrations caused by the water jets create the familiar sensation of hand massage.