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In addition to classical health services, the spa hotel Laine health centre also provides various water-based health treatments that you can peruse on this page. However, to help us pick precisely the treatments for you, we firmly recommend visiting our doctor’s office in the health centre.

Please book your visit in advance via the health centre phone number +372 472 4415 or e-mail address


Automated water massage

15 min
15 - 18 €

Automated water massage helps, just like classic massage, to improve circulation and metabolism and has an overall relaxing effect. Streams of pressurized water shoot out from the built-in jets located at the bottom and on the sides of the automated water massage tub, massaging the body, reducing muscle tension and pain. The bath water contains herbs chosen by the client or prescribed by the doctor to reduce joint and muscle pain or for a rejuvenating and therapeutic effect. Cleopatra's powdered milk bath contains milk proteins and collagen from marine sources which moisturize the skin.

Relaxing, Energizing or Rhumatism herbal bath - price: 15  .                                                                      Sea kelp, Sea salt  or  Cleopatra milk bath - price: 18 €. 

NEW! Argania-pomegranate herbal bath - price 18 €

The pleasant aroma of pomegranate helps relax both your body and soul. Gentle argania oil guarantees a moisturizing skin care experince.




Underwater massage improves circulation and muscle tone and relieves tension and stress. During the massage, the masseuse massages the whole body with a water jet with an output pressure of  0.6-1.5  atm.


15 min
12 €

Foot-whirlpool massages the feet gently, improves blood circulation, relieves swelling and pain. Water temperature is between 37-38°C, sea salt is added to the water. The treatment is not recommended for people who suffer from varicose veins.

Charcot’ shower

10 min
15 €

Charcot' shower is a form of water massage carried out while standing in front of a projected  jet of water under strong pressure. The therapy is invigorating, improving the circulation as well as metabolism of the skin and its undertying tissues, making it an effective therapy for treating cellulite. In combination with a suitable diet and exercise, this treatment also helps to lose weight.

Water aerobics is recommended for those to whom regular aerobics may be too challenging. While being in the water the person feels lighter, performing the exercises is easier and a good workout will be achieved in a short period of time.